Nanny - In the Clouds

for parents

Dreading your next flight?

Flying with kids and need some extra help?

Use our service to find a nanny on your flight who can help you with your entire trip:

  • Unloading
  • Check-in
  • Security
  • Waiting for boarding
  • Boarding
  • In-flight
  • Deplaning
  • Baggage Pick-up

Our site came about with the idea that all Moms and/or Dads could really use a hand when flying alone with their young children. We know that is nearly impossible to take any sort of break when you have one or more fussy babies or toddlers, let alone get any reading or work done. By the time a long flight is almost over, many parents are pulling their hair out at the thought that they have to do this again in order to get home, and the process can be overwhelming.

At last! Nanny in the Clouds to the rescue!

Our site is the one-stop shop for finding help throughout your flight. On any given flight, there are kind, supportive Nannies who want to offer their services. Nanny in the Clouds is a way for you to find out just who those people are and tap into their priceless resource! Instead of doing all the work yourself, why not find a caring person to help you along the way?

The possibilities are endless. The nanny can meet you at the curb to help you with curbside check in, get through security, entertain your children while waiting to board the plane, and help you endure a flight-no matter how long or short. Nanny In The Clouds wants your flight to be a more pleasant one.

Our site matches you and your flight with potential nannies that are also flying on your same flight. This saves the cost of paying for another flight for a sitter, since they were already taking the flight that you are taking. The screening process allows you to research each Nanny available, and have several phone conversations and/or an in-person meeting to ensure that you and the Nanny are a good match.