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for babysitters

Love kids?

Have childcare experience?

Want to earn some money while flying?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you are in the right place. At, we match Moms/Dads flying with young children with a Nanny who is already on their flight so no one needs to purchase extra plane tickets! If you have worked with children before and have a knack for knowing what makes them smile, you just might save the day for a harried Mom or Dad travelling with little ones. We are the first site to match parents with Nannies who are already on their flight to enable a great air travel experience.

After sign-up, you will enter in the Airline, Flight # and Date of the flights you would like to be a nanny. Parents will then search using the same parameters and a match will be made!

After the match is made you and the parent will set up a meeting (phone, online or in-person) to discuss hourly rates and expectations during the trip. Please note that you must have 2 verifiable references listed in your bio which you will create during registration.

    The Options Are Endless:

    Meet at...
  • The Ticketing Counter
  • Security
  • The Gate
  • On the Plane

Stay with the Family.....
  • Until the end of the flight
  • Through to the baggage claim
  • Up until they get to their car or bus to get them to their next destination ensures that the experience is tailored to each situation! Sign up today and start earning money and making memories!